Berrocal Museum System

Discover the 4th Dimension

The Berrocal Museum-System is a 3 place exhibition venue around the work of the sculptor Miguel Berrocal that is located in the Andalusian village of Villanueva de Algaidas, in the province of Malaga. The project offers the possibility to know better the work of one of the most eclectic and surprising artist of our time, by visiting it's 3 exhibit spaces:
- the Museum, with the first wing dedicated to painting and graphical works
- the Studio-Workshop, where you will be able to discover the the incredibly complex creative endeavors as well as technical process needed to prototype and produce his disassemblable works
- the House-Museum, that allows to better know the polyhedric personality of Berrocal and see some of the most important art of the '900 through the works of his artist friends.
Such a gathering of opportunities is unprecedented in the whole world, and visiting it will certainly offer you a surprising and unforgettable experience. Book your visit and come and discover the 4th dimension!

Berrocal - the sculptor and his Work


Miguel Ortiz Berrocal (1933-2006) was born in Villanueva de Algaidas, a small village in the sunny countryside of Málaga. He studied in the Faculty of Exact Sciences of Madrid (Mathematics, Physics etc), as a compulsory step to get into Architecture. At the same time he went to the school of Fine Arts, where he become disciple of Ángel Ferrant and, later on, of the Ceramist Pierre Canivet in Paris.
Between 1954 and 1964 he lived and worked between Rome and Paris, settling in the end in Verona, Italy, until 2004, when he came back to Andalucia to build his Studio-Workshop and overlook the construction of his Museum.
The works of this internationally known artist can be found in the most important museums, as well as public and private collections of the world.
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Berrocal’s Sculpture can be taken apart, transformed and combined; they invite the viewer to search and explore new concepts and volumes within the very structure of the work.
His Works are a powerful mix of scientific inspiration, precision of design, meticulous technical execution, while at the same time of unique esthetical qualities, that still lead the viewers to the heights of pure beauty and marvel.
By being spectacularly multidisciplinary (Science + Techniques + Art), Berrocal's works are interesting for various types of public, succeeding in fascinating and attract not only art lovers.
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Berrocal's Studio-Workshop it's a live place where to discover the magical ritual of the creation of a work of Art. In this place you can see an important selection of his sculptures, especially of the first period, his mechanical workshop, where the prototypes were created and the sculptures were finished, as well as his awe-inspiring personal studio, that will reveal the long process of research, study, calculations and drawing that kept the artist busy while conceiving the sculptures. In the Studio there is also his own library with more than 5000 books and a collection of his famous limited editions.

Duration: minimum one hour and a half
Capacity: maximum 2 groups of 25 people at the time


Berrocal's House-Museum allows to discover the most intimate part of the artist's life, his personal passions, and relieve the most interesting and amusing anecdotes, told directly from the first hand experience of the family. Moreover, you'll be able to see the important art collection that Berrocal has gathered: works of the greatest and most representative artists of the 20th century that where his friends and contemporaries.

Visits:       temporarily only together with an event or lunch
Duration: 40 minutes
Capacity: turns of 10 people at the time

Prices + Informations

Price adults: 10 €  /  Kids: 7 €
Opening hours upon booking and availability
Mode only guided visits of about 1-2 hours
Contacts Tel 680-563578 / email:
Book now or ask for more information

Option 1: Private visit with the family

It is possible to receive a guided visit commented by a member of the artist's family, who will share with the visitor his/her personal first hand experience at the side of the great sculptor. This will add intimacy, marvel and importance to a tour that is already by itself surprising.

Notes: the days and the hours for the visit can be arranged with the needs of the group

Option 2: Disassembly Workshops

The singularity of Berrocal's creation, his research of the space within the sculpture, can be seen best in his sculptures that can be taken apart in different elements, which also allow the possibility to do a fun and ludic disassembly workshop. The visitors can divide themselves in small groups and, if they want, even do a small competition to disassemble and reassemble the sculptures.

Price: the workshop is included in the price of the visit, but it requires more time than what planned for just the visit

 Where we are

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GPS 37.177655, -4.439871

Calle Olivo Hojiblanco 15,
Villanueva de Algaidas
29310, Málaga, España

Special Services

The facilities of the Foundation Sculptor Berrocal for the Arts offer you an unique opportunity to perform your events, presentations, cocktails and dinners among magnificent works of art, of both Berrocal and the greatest artists of the XXth century. Your guests will be amazed of being able to walk and dine with beauty all around, which will without doubts leave them an unforgettable memory, associating your communication to that enriching experience. For special occasions it is possible to serve the lunch with the elaborate and elegant cutlery of the "Cofanetto", an art work for the table that the polyhedric Berrocal created for his passion for good food and good reunions and celebrations.

Events in the Studio-Workshop

Surface 1000 m2 approximately
Capacity 200 people standing / 150 people seated
Price upon request

Events in the House-Museum

Capacity summer: 40 people seated / winter: 30 people seated
Price upon request
Notes includes a guided visit to the House-Museum
Options lunch can be served with the elegant cutlery of "il Cofanetto" created by the artist himself

Other attractions of the area

The area around the Museum-System offers a lot of cultural, natural, gastronomical and active tourism options that can enrich your visit. We can help you organize activities beyond the visit to the Foundation, diversions that fit your desires and needs, and that will let you discover a region of great charm, as well as letting you enjoy your visit with the relax of knowing that you can be hosted in a comfortable place near everything. The convenient location at the heart of Andalucia, offers you the opportunity to stay several days and to visit the region keeping Antequera as your base. Ask us more informations about all the other activities that you can do and let us help you in organizing a full and unforgettable visit.

Antequera + Archidona

- At just 20 Km from the Museum-System, Antequera is a city of great historical and artistic interest that, since the Roman Empire, watches over from above the fertile plane and the "hill of the lovers", a promontory shaped as a woman's face that in the megalithic era was worshipped as a goddess, as can still be seen in its famous Dolmens.
- Archidona is a small city with an important baroque architectural patrimony, besides being one of the main stops of the famous route of Washington Irving.
We can help you organize visits with local guides or simply suggest interesting places for you to go on your own.


Andalucia, and the area around the Museum-System, are known in the whole world for its fields of olive trees that cover the horizon, and it's renown olive oil, the "green gold", that since millennia is produced in this land and exported to the world. This good and healthy seasoning is one the supporting pillars of local culture, that the visitor can discover in its gastronomy and in dedicated museums. It is possible to organize guided visits to the museum of one of the most important producers of the area, as well as a taste session guided by an expert oil sommelier who will let you discover the great varieties of oils through a sensorial trip that will surprise you. We'll also suggest the best restaurants and tapas bar to discover the gastronomic culture of Andalucia.

The Torcal

It is a natural park known in the whole world for its strange kartisc rock formations, an amazing garden of natural sculptures modeled by wind, rain, ice and time. the Torcal offers many activities: walks along routes for all levels, view points, climbing and bouldering routes, besides an astronomical observatory that allows to view the wonders of the Cosmos with a forgotten romantic clarity. The Torcal, we are sure, will amaze you, as it also will the agility of its local fauna, the typical goats of the park.

Fuente de Piedra Lagoon

It is one of the only 3 places in Europe where the magnificent greater flamingos love to nest and grow their chicks. All year round it is possible to admire thousands of these elegant birds glide and live in the waters of this lagoon, as well as do long walks and birdwatching expeditions looking for other species of the area. The Park offers a small interpretation center with other activities, as for example the possibility to participate in tagging the young chicks with a tracker ring.


Antequera Golf is a course where the game is intertwined with extraordinary views, hung as it is at the top of a natural balcony, that looks north to the plane of Antequera, and surrounded to the south by the mountains of the Torcal. This 18 holes, par 72, 6000 m long course, has been carefully designed by the two times Ryder Cup winner, José María Cañizares, and it will offer you hours of technical game as well as a practicing area where to warm up or take a private or group lesson.


We can suggest and book for you the best accommodation in the area, for all categories and styles: 5 Star Hotels, rural houses or more familiar B&B; in modern architectures or historical buildings; placed in the historical centers of Antequera or plunged in the quiet charm of the countryside. Whichever is your preference we can suggest you the best options for your desires and pockets. Come and discover the comfort and the hosting culture of a land so rich of opportunities!